Stations of lent


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In Rome, every year, the first Lenten station takes place in the Basilica of Santa Sabina, where the Pope goes to receive the sign of the ashes. We conduct the Lenten Stations as a prayerful procession that goes from the home or barrio to the church. It is about living the experience of pilgrimage and to be guards. With the “Stations of Lent,” we mount a “spiritual Guard” that prepares us, in the family and the community, to live the paschal mystery of Christ. Dante Gabriel Jiménez Muñoz Ledo is a Diocesan Priest, researcher, and author. He writes theological, pedagogical, and psychological books as well as short stories and novellas.

Dante Gabriel Jiménez Muñoz Ledo

Sacerdote Diocesano.


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